Faux Finishing Tools


Faux Finishing Tools

Here is our complete guide to help you find the Faux Finishing Tools that are just right for your project.

Symphony Faux Finishing Tools
Symphony has been making professional decorating tools and faux finishing tools since 1949. Since that time, they have established themselves as the leading manufacturer of faux finishing tools.

Today Professionals and do-it-yourself Faux Finishers both can have the confidence that Symphony will continue to develop the tools to ensure their success in creating the Faux Finishing effects that are gaining popularity in home decorating.

Don't settle for less, choose a a fine Symphony Faux Finishing tool for your project. All Symphony Faux Finishing Tools are warranted for confidence.

BESTT LIEBCO Symphony Faux Finishing Tools
1201 Jackson Street
Philadelphia, PA 19148
Phone: 1-800-523-9095

Epaintstore Faux Finishing Tools
Visit Epaintstore for a wide selection of faux finishing and decorative painting supplies. They have professional quality brushes that are made specially for stenciling, blending, washing, and other Faux Finishing techniques.

They feature all the products to help produce the faux technique of graining, checking, ragging, and veining. Epaintstore also has an extensive list of books and videos.

Phone: 1-800-617-3614

Lasting Impressions Faux Finishing Tools
Lasting Impressions features one of the largest selections of faux finishing tools including: professional texturing knives, sea sponges, veining brushes, and Venetian Plaster trowels.

A Faux Finish has several advantages over other wall finishings like paint, paneling, wallpaper etc. Unlike the other types of decorative wall coverings, it can be applied to almost all surfaces, including dry wall, sheet rock, plastering, fabric, glass, wood, metal, and ceramic. Preparation and priming of the wall will vary from one surface type to another..

A Faux Finish also provides modern practicality. because it will not peal off under adverse environmental effects such as Southern humidity. This type of finish will also beautify with age.

Lasting Impressions Faux Finishing Tools
822 Cormier Road
Green Bay, WI 54304
Toll Free: 877-500-9995

Texas Paint Faux Finishing Tools
The growing popularity of Faux Finishing in the decorative world reveals much about someone's personality. This type of decorative wall cover is satifying the craving for decorating distinctiveness like no other style before it.

Texas Paint provides several types of Faux Finishing Tools like:
  • White Painter Rags
  • Cheesecloth
  • Sponges & Feathers
  • Bronzing Powders
  • Goldleaf Enamels
  • Canvas
With so many faux finishing textures, colors and special effects, there can conceivably be no end to this new decorating explosion. With a few lessons, Even the most inexperienced of painters can accomplish the fine art application of Faux Finishing. Texas Paint has all the finishing supplies you will need.

Texas Paint Faux Finishing Tools
4410 Ross Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75204
Phone: 214-824-4574

Pro Faux Finishing Tools
Pro Faux Specialty Tools provides all the Faux Finishing Tools of the Trade!

Highlighted Faux Finishing Products:
  1. Blue Steel Spatulas
    These Specialty Faux Finishing Spatulas come in a set of five to fit in samll or cover wide areas. If you need to apply NeutralBase, Metallic Waxes, ProFaux's WhiteBase, Iridescent Wax and Acrylic Wax, then these are the tools you will need. Many other brands of stainless spatulas leave unwanted "burnish" marks, these won't. They are very comfortable to use for long projects. They will last a lifetime when taken care of properly.

  2. ProFaux BlacTrack Blue Steel Spatulas
    The new ProFaux BlacTrack Blue Steel Spatulas are wonderful for the application of Pro-Venetian or any other textural applications. They are ergonomically designed and the handles are made from recycled rubber!
Pro Faux Finishing Tools
1367 Girard Street
Akron, Ohio 44301
Orders: 1-800-PRO-FAUX
General Info: 330-773-1983

The Decorative Arts Studio Faux Finishing Tools
This site has the Faux Finishing Tools needed for the beginner and the professional decorative paint finisher. They also provide classes, workshops, and tools and supplies that allow artisans to dream up beautiful faux finishes for walls or furniture. They teach classes for the beginner that will develop the students skill and take them to the level of performing advanced finishes.

The Decorative Arts Studio has the knowledge, classes and products to be successful for professional decorative painters and the novices just looking for new ideas.

The Decorative Arts Studio
8116 Robincrest Ct.
Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526
Phone: 919-796-2209
Email: jfaulkner@fauxdas.com

Faux Shop Faux Finishing Tools
Create the effect that you desire with these faux finish products. If it is high quality glazing liquid, water-based paint extenders, faux finish kits, metallic waxes, specialized textures, suede additive, metallic paints, universal tints, Venetian plaster, or specialized wall coverings that you are looking for, well Faux Shop has it! They are known for providing those hard to locate faux finishing products for the professional.

They feature hard to find Specialty Faux Finishing Tools like:
  • tape applicators
  • brush scrubbers
  • stipple brushes
  • stencil brushes
  • sea wool sponges
  • trowels
  • Japan scrapers and spatulas
  • polystyrene sheets
  • hard to find brushes
  • low tack painter's tape
Look no further for the tools and supplies for your next faux wall painting project, the Faux Shop has it all.

Faux Shop Faux Finishing Tools
301 S. Main Street
Poplar Bluff, MO 63901-5833
Phone: 573-778-9967

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