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Kelly Blue Book RV's guides have been helping new and used RV buyers for more than 80 years.

RV Blue Book guides are used to find the value of new and used RV's. You can find the trade-in-value of your used RV for different conditions and mileage for its year.

Blue Book Value of RV's are listed online by both Kelley Blue Book & NADA. Blue book values vary between blue books, so it is recommended that you check with both Kelley & NADA Blue Book to compare the RV prices listed. The NADA guide also lists blue book prices for other vehicles besides RV's and campers.

Kelly Blue Book RV's Guide

Blue Book Values for RV's

The Kelley Blue Book takes into consideration the real prices for automobiles when making estimates for cars and trucks. However, the trade-in or retail values for RVs are figured differently. They are calculated based on a percentage of the m.s.r.p. Kelly Blue Book values for RVs have been criticized as often being unrealistically high and low, depending on the make and model of the RV. Blue book values are a good starting point for finding a base price. However, they don't account for various features and options that may increase or decrease the price.

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RV Blue Book Values:

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Blue Book Value RV's Listings:
Wholesale & Retail Blue Book Value RV's

Every RV has a specific value just like cars or boats. RV's can have multiple combinations of options that must be carefully considered in the estimated value. Blue Book values must be adjusted by adding or deducting the options, mileage, condition, and sellability. Daily checking with the status in the market is required to determine accurate values. If you are going to buy, sell, or trade an RV, make sure you have a realistic price for your exact RV. Do not leave yourself at the will of those who have the real values. Possesing a written appraisal when buying, selling or trading an RV will save you money and from buyers remorse.

Website: http://www.jrconsumer.com/RV-BlueBook.asp

Blue Book Values of RV's

If you are considering selling your RV, you will definitely need to know what it its true value is before you know how much you are willing to ask for it. The first place you should turn to is to the trusty blue book. These guide books are like the bible of RV values. Just like the blue book for cars, but for the big RVs. RV Blue Book Values are Calculated by taking in a lot of different conditions into consideration. The biggest consideration is the average price asked by dealers for that specific make, model, and year.

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